Treehaven Party Info

Treehaven Swim Club Events guideline 2020 (pdf)


Treehaven Swim Club-event agreement 2020 (pdf)


Have your Party at Treehaven Swim Club this year!!!!!


(Pool remains open to members during pool hours) 

Party Location options:

  • Deep End (includes use of gas grill)
  • Upper deck (only includes gas grill if party not in deep end at same time)
  • Baby Pool (baby pool      will remain open to members; 2 tables will be provided and reserved for  party use only; one table will remain under the roof of snack bar for general member use.)

Party times 12-4pm or 4-8pm: (times may vary)

  • Party fee Costs $65 +   Non-Member Guest Fees:
    • Each non-member up to 10 people the cost is $3.00 per person, if you have more than 10 people, each non-member is $5.00 after the initial 10 non-members.
    • Deposit: $35 that is paid when you reserve your date along with sending in the Event Agreement.

After hours:

  • Party fee Costs for parties after pool closes or for parties extending after pool closing time
    • $150.00 + guest fees which are as follows:
      • Up to 50 people $25 per hour
      • 50-75 people $40 per hour
      • 75-100 people $55per hour
    • Deposit: $100.00

Additional hour(s) purchase information:

 We will also let you purchase additional hours and make sure that you have lifeguards on staff for $30


If you do not wish to clean up after your party, you may request clean up services at the time you make your reservation and this cost will be $50 for an afternoon party and $150 for an evening party. 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Tracie by email or phone 412-974-3620, (text work best)

Contact Tracie to ensure the dates you need are available! Print and return Treehaven Event Agreement with your deposit to reserve a spot for your event! 

2020 dates are going fast!