YOU are responsible for watching your own children along with guests you bring

You are responsible for watching your child.  Floaties, or any other swimming assist is not a replacement for watching your children.  Not watching your child or guests will result in Membership Termination.  Please keep in mind that the lifeguards are not babysitters, and will not be held responsible for watching your child.

Quick mention of Rules enforced Rules - Please Read!


Permitted 3 times with payment of $5 guest fee paid at the gate each time.  If someone is not at the gate, the member is responsible for ensuring this is paid.

No Glass

No glass is permitted at the pool, in the pool, around the pool.  You will be asked to remove glass from the premises immediately.  This is a danger to all members.

No Running/Rough Housing

There will be no tolerance for running around and rough housing in our out of the pool, this activity will determined if person will be  benched or removed from the pool for the day by the lifeguards.

Lifeguards are to ensure a safe environment

Lifeguards are to blow the whistle at anyone needing corrective action at Treehaven.  Lifeguards also have the authority to direct some to leave the property at any time due to behavior issues.  Lifeguards are NOT babysitters.


Lifeguards have the right to bench or dismiss someone from the pool, member or guest with no reimbursement.

No Squirt Guns

No squirt guns are permitted at or in the pool.  This has been a complaint in the past and will be enforced.  First offense: put away\, Second offense needs to be taken off the property with issue form filled out by lifeguard, Third offense is immediate dismissal for the day from the property.  Guests will not be reimbursed.

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Rules Continued

Children 12 and Under

Not permitted without an adult

Babysitters/Childcare Providers

Are required to pay a $5 guest fee if the parent(s) also at the pool.

No Floaties in the deep end - NO Exceptions!

Children and Adults that are not able to swim across the pool without a float device is not permitted in the deep end.  This includes going off of the diving board.  We now have yellow line on the sidewalk to ensure you know where the deep end and shallow end begin.  This is for the safety of our members and lifeguards.  There are NO Exceptions.  Lifeguards will take action if needed.  If member or guest would like to challenge the lifeguard's decision, they may do a swim test without any sort of floatie device across the pool and back and pass only if NOT touching the bottom, bobbling at all.  If lifeguard does not pass the individual and there is an issue, please contact the board.  Thank you!

EVERYONE must sign in for insurance Purposes!

Requirements are that everyone at the pool is to sign in every time.  Every member is responsible for ensuring guest fees are paid.

NO large rafts - Please read limitations

Due to insurance purposes and the protection of our members, guests and lifeguards there is a limitation on the size of all rafts.  Only arm bands, noodles, small donut with hole, and one person lounge rafts no larger than 66x26x10 inches are permitted.  Please abide by this rule or you will be asked to leave with no reimbursement.  This is for safety.  If you can not see under a raft you can't see if a child is under there either - please keep that in mind.  The board supports the call of the lifeguard for safety purposes.

Inclement weather

Everyone must exit the pool immediately for 30 minutes that will be tracked by the lifeguard on duty.  No exceptions.

Treehaven Swim Club By-Laws

Files coming soon.