Quick mention of Rules that will be enforced


Permitted 3 times with payment of $5 guest fee paid at the gate each time.  If someone is not at the gate, the member is responsible for ensuring this is paid.

No Glass

No glass is permitted at the pool, in the pool, around the pool.  You will be asked to remove glass from the premises immediately.  This is a danger to all members.

No Running/Rough Housing

There will be no tolerance for running around and rough housing in our out of the pool, this activity will determined if person will be  benched or removed from the pool for the day by the lifeguards.

Lifeguards are to ensure a safe environment

Lifeguards are to blow the whistle at anyone needing corrective action at Treehaven.  Lifeguards also have the authority to direct some to leave the property at any time due to behavior issues.  Lifeguards are NOT babysitters.

Bad Words

Children are not permitted to use explicit language to each other or to adults.  Children will be benched or told to leave the property if there is an issue.  If told to leave the property, the member they are at the pool with will also have to leave.  Guests will not be reimbursed.

No Squirt Guns

No squirt guns are permitted at or in the pool.  This has been a complaint in the past and will be enforced.  First offense, needs to be taken off the property with issue form filled out, second offense is immediate dismissal for the day from the property.  Guests will not be reimbursed.

Rules Continued

Children 12 and Under

Not permitted without an adult

Babysitters/Childcare Providers

Are required to pay a $5 guest fee if the parent(s) also at the pool.

Treehaven Swim Club By-Laws

Files coming soon.