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Swim Team Sign-Ups

6/1 /2020 AM and PM

6/6/2020 AM and PM

Swim Team Practice

 Coming Soon! 

Swim Team Coaches

Student Coaches or Jr Coaches can email Treehaven with intent and availability.  Currently there is no application and or set pay. In the past student coaches helped and were rewarded based on  their contribution which was at the coaches discretion at the end of the season.   

**Download Swim Team Forms Below

**Clinics will be listed soon for Judges, starter, etc..

Swim Team Information and Forms - Swim Team Manager Kirsten

Swim Team Dates and Details

Swim Team Manager: Kirsten Gregory 

Coaches:  Rosie McGrail 

Practices: Begin TBD for all swimmers at 10 am with Parent Meeting. 

· Run Monday through Friday in June

· Run Monday through Thursday in July (Fridays off) 

· 10:00-11:00 intermediate and up and 11:00-11:45 beginners (If new please see Kirsten for assigned time)

Beaver Valley Swim Club 

· The Teams include: Treehaven, Clearview (Hopewell), Chapel Valley (Center), Chanticleer (Moon Twp.), Wyngate (Moon), and Woodlawn (Sewickley). Swimmers are only permitted to swim 4 total events. 2 individual and 2 relays.

· BVSC President is from Chanticleer: Jeni Drass

Swim Meet Dates: 

· Meet 1:  TBD

· Meet 2:  TBD

· Meet 3:   TBD

· Meet 4:   TBD

· Meet 5:   TBD

· Make up Meet:   TBD  

Meets officially start at 6:30. Treehaven Pool closes at 5:00 for home meets. Swimmers are to be on deck at 5:30 for home meets and 5:45 for away meets

We always need volunteers to run meets: Please attend an Official’s Clinic!

· Official's Clinics: 


**Fundraisers:  1.TBD 2. Food Donations for Home Meets

These fundraisers are necessary for the benefit of our team and club. While we cannot operate without them, we choose not to make them mandatory because our swimmers and parents have always been so supportive. Please do everything within your means to help us continue to grow as a team and to keep our per swimmer cost to $25.  ~ Thank you!!!



Swim Team Forms for Download Coming Soon!

Files coming soon.